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Autogas India suppliers of Alternative Fuel Systems (LPG/CNG/ Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology) is a venture of one of the oldest automobile dealers in Rajasthan having established in year 1935 and have dealt with renowned automobile groups like Ford, Rootes group, Hailey , Hindustan Cars, Royal Enfield, Lambretta Scooters, Mahindra & Mahindra etc.


The company provides Autogas solutions for all Indian & Foreign cars (From good old Ambassador to Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, FIAT, Hyundai, GM, Ford, Honda, or any other latest generation premium brand cars) using world famed ECE67R01 approved Italian conversion systems like LOVATO for the last 8 years. The conversion can be done on Petrol cars which makes them Bi / Duel fuel, (CNG & LPG) reliable, environment friendly and also highly economical to run besides increasing the engine life. Autogas India is sole authorised importers and distributors in Northern India for Lovato Gas S.p.A, Italy for their world famed LOVATO LPG/CNG products.The kits range from venturi based kits to the latest SGIS (Sequential / Multipoint Gas Injection System - LOVATO FAST) for CNG as well as LPG.